To transform Minas Gerais in a huge cinematographic scene, to attract national and international productions to the state, to promote the productive chain of the audiovisual sector, to generate income and to disseminate cultural and natural attractions are some of the objectives of Minas Film Commission.

The support structure of audiovisual production helps the producers to search for leases, enables the access and the dialogue with public institutions and organisms of the state, provides information concerning required licenses and permissions to film and it guides the contracting of other services.

Since its creation, Minas Film Commission has supported around 45 projects, such as the movies O Palhaço, Heleno, O Menino no Espelho and the TV series Mostra sua cara and Poltrona 27.


- To bring international and national audiovisual productions to Minas Gerais, aiming at attracting resources and projecting the image of the state to other regions of the country, as well as to the world;
- To increase the tourism in Minas Gerais, disseminating its landscapes in a dynamic way;
- To create solutions to employment and income progressively and to sectors which are involved in the audiovisual area, directly or indirectly;
- To establish a network of channels among institutions and public organisms, in order to enable the production of audiovisual creations in the state.

Audiovisual Development and Promotion Directorate – Flávia Moreira
President of the Minas Gerais Communication Company – Sérgio Rodrigo Reis
Assistant Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism – Bernardo Silviano Brandão
Secretary of State for Culture and Tourism – Leônidas Oliveira
Governor of the State of Minas Gerais - Romeu Zema

Minas Film Commission has an enabling role and offers solutions to several demands of filming. Send us your project.
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Launched in May/2016, this programme aims at providing public policies through partnerships among entities and organisms of direct or indirect public administration in the state of Minas Gerais, its cities and the Union. Its objective is to promote the encouragement and the support to the audiovisual sector in all its production chain. 

This initiative joins the audiovisual actions promoted by the sectors of Culture, Education and Tourism of the State, and also by the entities of direct or indirect public administration, such as Foundation of Research Support of Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG), Clóvis Salgado Foundation and Rede Minas, the Energy Company of Minas Gerais (CEMIG) and the Company of Economic Development of Minas Gerais (CODEMIG), the Bank of Development of Minas Gerais (BDMG), the Inconfidência Radio, the State Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iepha) and the Official Press of Minas Gerais.

The initiative unifies actions in the audiovisual field promoted by the State Departments of Culture and Tourism, of Education, in addition to indirect public administration entities, such as the Minas Gerais Research Support Foundations (Fapemig), Clóvis Salgado Foundation, Ouro Preto Art Foundation (Faop), the Minas Gerais Energy (Cemig) and Minas Gerais Economic Development (Codemig) companies, the Minas Gerais Development Bank (BDMG), the State Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iepha) and the Minas Gerais Communication Company (EMC) which unites Rede Minas and Rádio Inconfidência AM and FM.